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5th Regiment New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry?

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We are always interested in people who seek an authentic, campaign-oriented reenacting experience to join our ranks.  Members must be at least 16 years of age.  If considering joining the “Fighting Fifth,” please contact one of the following members:

Chris Benedetto - Corporal
(603) 343-1407
chrsbenedetto at

William Shea
(603) 595-8699

wjshea99 at

Nicholas Pouliot - Corporal
civilwarpvt at

Marc Vallee,
(603) 472-3383
vallemp at

Mike Mantini*
(603) 774-7449
mant1 at

Randy Cook*
At-large Member
(603) 332-9060
randyc at

Dave Nelson,
Authenticity Committee Chairman Emeritus
(603) 654-9437 at

Paul Parvis - Captain
(203) 733-1497

pbparvis at
* = also officers

Greg Chase - 1st Sgt.
(802) 436-2661

gchase at


Standards:   The 5th Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers authenticity standards ARE upheld in the field. Only through maintaining a high standard of authenticity may the member's collective desire to achieve the proper look and appearance  be achieved regarding the soldiers we attempt to portray. New members are given twelve months to conform with the regiment's standards. At its discretion, the Board may grant an extension of six additional months depending on the individual's circumstances.


Physical Fitness:   To the greatest extent possible, the Fifth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers seek to portray Union soldiers as they actually appeared in the field.  All of our men should be ready to take the field in their issue wool uniforms in full marching order (including fully packed knapsack) for lengthy periods of drill, marching, and "battle" scenarios during all weekend events. It goes without saying that our members should engage in regular programs of physical training, hydration, and exercise to stay in shape for events that are physically demanding.   Those who are incapable of undertaking the physical rigors described above, or do not enjoy good health per se, should consider an associate membership.  However, should you wish to participate in parades, living-history presentations at schools or historical societies or act as a clerk for the Quartermaster, etc., then we highly encourage your application to join us.

You may join as an Associate Member.  Associate members must comply with the standards set forth by the regiment in historical dress and action.  Associate members dues are $20.  Associate members do not have voting privileges and may not hold an office within the regiment.   

Honoring the 5th New Hampshire Volunteers who fought during the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1,2,3, 1863.  Remembrance Day, November 2006 - 5th New Hampshire Volunteer monument near the Wheatfield.

Attendance:   Members of the Fifth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers have attendance requirements. We request that those who join our ranks for an event remain with us for the entire weekend schedule. Attendance at the annual drill/training weekend is highly encouraged and is considered a MAXIMUM effort event. You are required to attend a minimum of two regimental functions; one of which MUST be a maximum effort event, to be considered a member in good standing. 

Dues:   Annual membership dues are $25 U.S. and include liability insurance coverage at unit events. 

Governance:   An Executive Board of Directors, elected at the unit’s annual meeting, governs Company A, Fifth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers. At events, field command consists typically of Captain Paul Parvis or Lts. Mike Mantini or Randy Cook. An NCO "pool" has been established in order to rotate qualified corporals and sergeants as needed.  When numbers warrant the field command will brevet positions as needed.

Officers, sergeants and corporals are voted on by the membership.  Members are encouraged to submit a “Letter of Intent” to the Executive Board.  Following preliminary approval, the membership will discuss and vote on the nominees typically at the annual meeting in January.  Rotating officers at events allows us to have an officer on an event-by-event basis. This approach is intended to reduce "burnout." It also provides officers with the chance to occasionally serve in the most honored and desired role of all--that of the private soldier. 

Additional information may be found in the Membership Booklet, which is sent to all new recruits. Included in this booklet are the Regimental History, Bylaws, and Guidelines for Historical Accuracy, a list of Uniform and Equipment needed by members and a Vendor List. Contact Chris Benedetto, chairman, for a copy of the booklet.

More questions?   Answers may likely surface elsewhere on this website. We recommend you browse the Frequently Asked Questions page; the Authenticity Standards page, and the Approved Vendors list, or please contact the above individuals.  Thank you!

Order Arms!
Musterfield Farm - Fall 2008

Photo by George Hall


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